Cloud security refers to technologies, processes or set of controls and solutions to protect resources and data on the cloud. As more and more organisation move partially or fully to the cloud, the security aspect of such deployments is often neglected. Sometimes, it is incorrectly assumed that the cloud service provider is responsible for the security of resources and data.

Almost all cloud providers work on the shared responsibility model; that is, the provider is responsible for some areas of security and the customer is responsible for some others.

How secure is your cloud computing environment? Are you aware of the risks in your cloud computing environment? Are your cloud deployments configured according to best practises?

Whether Office 365, AWS, Azure or GCP infrastructure is secure according to their best practice guides?

The best way to take stock of cloud security is to conduct an assessment which is either product specific (based on guidance from respective product vendors) OR to use a generic industry standard such as CSA CCM. [See: What is the CCM?].

Given above are the domains and number of controls in the CCM. We conduct a comprehensive assessment and test your cloud environment against the above controls.

Why We Are Different

Experienced Team

 Our consultants have hands-on experience in IT-operations having designed, implemented and managed sizeable and complex IT infrastructures.

Standards Based

Our assessments are based on international standards and frameworks and controls are evaluated according to industry best-practices.


Every single assessment that we undertake is tailored to meet specific needs of the organisation, instead of a boiler-plate one-size-fits-all approach.

Actionable Reports

The reports produced are detailed and specific statements, with actionable recommendations and include implementation roadmaps.

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