IT Audit is a form of security assessment, where we examine the security environment, and report about gaps, insufficient security controls and risks that are not addressed. The audit will be based on interviews and inputs provided by those managing the system. Unlike our full-fledged security assessment, where we first map the architecture and examine the infrastructure, in this activity we rely upon the information provided by your team and evaluate security against any of the below standards:

  • ISO 27002:2013 / ISO 27002:2022
  • PCI DSS 3.x/4.x
  • Dubai ISR
  • NESA
  • CIS-20
  • CSA – Cloud Controls Matrix

The goal of the audit is to identify gaps and report on them. This includes brief recommendations and generic advice to rectify problems. If you are looking for detailed recommendations, you can choose the comprehensive Infosec Assessment service which includes documentation, VA and roadmaps.

Why We Are Different

Experienced Team

 Our consultants have hands-on experience in IT-operations having designed, implemented and managed sizeable and complex IT infrastructures.

Standards Based

Our assessments are based on international standards and frameworks and controls are evaluated according to industry best-practices.


Every single assessment that we undertake is tailored to meet specific needs of the organisation, instead of a boiler-plate one-size-fits-all approach.

Actionable Reports

The reports produced are detailed and specific statements, with actionable recommendations and include implementation roadmaps.

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