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VA/PT is a requirement for compliance with standards such as PCI-DSS, or as a part of risk assessment for ISO 27001; regardless, conducting regular VA/PT is deemed a good practice and is included in well-designed security programmes. VAPT is included in our security assessments, but we also offer a separate VAPT service for specific objectives such as reports for compliance audits. We use VA scanning tools according to the need of the organisation and analyse reports to extract actionable intelligence. In addition to the summary report, we submit recommendations for remediation and a prioritised list of remediation activities.

  • Discover devices & applications
  • Patching status
  • OWASP 20 scan
  • Individual, on-demand scans
  • Periodic assessments round the year
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Donald Simpson
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

Why We Are Different

Experienced Team

 Our consultants have hands-on experience in IT-operations having designed, implemented and managed sizeable and complex IT infrastructures.

Standards Based

Our assessments are based on international standards and frameworks and controls are evaluated according to industry best-practices.

Bespoke Assessments

Every single assessment that we undertake is bespoke. We consider factors such as organisational culture and issues, constraints specific to each infrastructure.

Actionable Reports

Instead of reams of paper that nobody reads, our recommendations are detailed and specific statements, which include implementation roadmaps.

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